The Nawasib according to the scholars


Is anyone who does not follow the people of the house (Ahlulbayt a.) one of their enemies (Nawasib)?


Yusuf Al-Bahrani writes:  ,,As it has already been noted, all of them, are described as the enemies (Nawasib) of the people of the house (Ahlulbayt), those who are in dissagreement (with us), although the weak from among them are excluded.” [Al-Hada’iq-un-Nadirah Fi Ahkam Al-Itrah At-Tahirah, Volume 5 Page 187]

قال يوسف البحراني:  الناصب الذي قد عرفت أنه عبارة عن المخالف مطلقا إلا المستضعف منه

Abu Ja’far As-Saduq writes: ,,Those who lack knowledge, think that anyone who disagrees (with us), is an enemy (nasibi) of the people of the house, but that is not the case.” [Man La Yahduruh-ul-Faqih, Volume 3 Page 267]

قال أبو جعفر الصدوق: والجهال يتوهمون أن كل مخالف ناصب وليس كذلك

Muhammad Taqi Al-Majlisi writes: ,,The enemy of the people of the house (Nasibi), is the one who believes in the permission to fight the Imams (a.) and this includes the departers (Khawarij) and others besides them who do not follow their confession but are hostile to the Imams (a.), to which God made obedience and proximity (Wilayah) and love a duty and this is not the case for all who do not belong to the followers of the Imams (a.). From his (As-Saduq’s) words, it is obvious that the bearer of enmity (Nasib) is a special term for the departers (Khawarij) who make it their business to fight (the Imams), still this is not the case. Rather, the term also includes those who are hostile to them and those are unbelievers with consensus. There is a disagreement over those who ascribe the appointment to an Imam, who does not belong to the Imams of Truth and these are also called the enemies of the people of the house (Nawasib).” [Rawdat-ul-Muttaqin, Vol. 8 Page 220 – 221]

قال محمد تقي المجلسي: إن المراد بالناصب من يعتقد جواز حرب الأئمة عليهم السلام وهم الخوارج وكذا غيرهم ممن لا يعتقد برأيهم لكنهم يعادون الأئمة الذين أوجب الله طاعتهم وولايتهم ومودتهم ومطلق العامة ليسوا كذلك لكن الظاهر من كلامه اختصاص الناصب بالخوارج من نصب حربا وليس كذلك بل من نصب عداوتهم أيضا فإنهم كفار إجماعا إنما الخلاف فيمن نصب إماما غير أئمة الحق ويطلق الناصب أيضا عليهم

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