Birth of As-Saduq

Hashim Ibn Sulaiman reported that Sa’id Ibn Hibatillah said: “Ali Ibn Husain Ibn Musa Ibn Babawaih was married to the daughter of his uncle, but she did not bear him any offspring. Therefore he wrote to the eldest Abu l-Qasim Ibn Ruh to ask the Master (a.) and ask God to give him descendants who are understanding (Fuqaha’). Then he received the answer: “You will not receive a gift from her, but you will come into the possession of a Dailamite maid, who will give you two descendants who are understanding (Faqih)” and then he was given Muhammad (As-Saduq) and Husain, two understanding (Faqih) and wise personalities, and they had a middle brother who was pious but not understanding.” [Madinat-ul-Ma’ajiz of Al-Bahrani, Volume 8 Page 165]

عن هاشم بن سليمان عن سعيد بن هبة الله قال: إن علي بن الحسين بن موسى بن بابويه كان تحته بنت عمه ولم يرزق منها ولدا فكتب إلى الشيخ أبي القاسم بن روح أن يسأل الحضرة ليدعو الله أن يرزقه أولادا فقهاء فجاء الجواب: إنك لا ترزق من هذه وستملك جارية ديلمية ترزق منها ولدين فقيهين فرزق محمدا (الصدوق) والحسين فقيهين ماهرين وكان لهما أخ أوسط مشتغل بالزهد لا فقه له


Muhammad Ibn Ali As-Saduq is one of the author of the four books, of which he wrote the book “Man La Yahduruh-ul-Faqih”.

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