Abu Bakr appointed by God?


Are there opponents who believe in the divine leadership of Abu Bakr?


Isma’il Ibn Umar Ibn Kathir writes:

ومن تأمل ما ذكرناه ظهر له إجماع الصحابة المهاجرين منهم والانصار على تقديم أبي بكر، وظهر برهان قوله عليه السلام: يأبى الله والمؤمنون إلا أبا بكر وظهر له أن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم لم ينص على الخلافة عينا لاحد من الناس، لا لابي بكر كما قد زعمه طائفة من أهل السنة، ولا لعلي كما يقوله طائفة من الرافضة ولكن أشار إشارة قوية يفهمها كل ذي لب وعقل إلى الصديق كما قدمنا وسنذكره. ولله الحمد

“Anyone who thinks about what we mentioned will realize that the companions, which include both the emigrants and the helpers, agreed on the preference of Abu Bakr, which is revealed by the statement of the messenger (s.): “God and the faithful do not want anyone else but Abu Bakr.” It becomes clear to them that the Prophet Muhammad (s.) did not appoint any of the people for succession, neither Abu Bakr – as claimed by a group of Sunnis, nor Ali – as claimed by a group of Shiites. Rather, the messenger (see) gave a strong reference to Abu Bakr, which is understood by every reasonable and wise person, as we, thank God, presented and will mention.” [Al-Bidayah Wa n-Nihayah, Volume 5 Page 352]


Divine leadership apparently is not to be thrown out of the club.

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