Leadership of Al-Khamina’i is the leadership of the Prophet?


Does the assertion that the leadership of Al-Khamina’i was the leadership of the Prophet Muhammad (s.) (ولايت فقيه ولایت پیامبر است) correspond to the facts?


Ali Al-Khamina’i writes: “Question: Is the one who does not believe in the absolute leadership of the jurist considered an actual Muslim? Answer: “Out of effort and imitation not to believe in the absolute leadership of the jurist (Wilayat-ul-Faqih) in the time of the concealment of the Imam and the proof, may our souls be sacrificed to him, does not result in apostasy or withdrawal from Islam.” [Ajwibat-ul-Istifta’at, Volume 1, Page 18]

قال علي الخامنئي: السؤال هل يعتبر من لا يعتقد بولاية الفقيه المطلقة مسلما حقيقيا؟ الجواب عدم الإعتقاد اجتهادا أو تقليدا بولاية الفقيه المطلقة في زمن غيبة الإمام الحجة أرواحنا فداه لا يوجب الإرتداد والخروج عن الإسلام

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