Al-Khumaini praises Al-Majlisi


Is there any evidence that Al-Majlisi was praised and honored by Al-Khumaini?


Ruhullah Al-Khumaini writes:

ينقل المحدث العظیم مولانا العلامة المجلسي طاب ثراه عن المحقق الخبیر والعالم الكبیر الشیخ بھاء الدين العاملي رضوان االله

“The great narrator and our master, the great knowledgeable Al-Majlisi, may God make his earth pleasant for him, narrated by the reviewer and the expert and great knowledgeable, the scholar Baha’-ud-Din Al-Amili, may God be pleased with him.” [Al-Arba’ina Hadithan, page 89]

فصل في بیان كلام مولانا المجلسي رحمة اللّه علیه في حقیقة الدنیا المذمومة يقول المحقق الخبیر والمحدث المنقطع النظیر مولانا المجلسي رحمة اللّه علیه: فاعلم أن الذي يظھر من مجموع الآيات والأخبار على ما نفھمه أن الدنیا المذمومة مركبة من مجموع أمور تمنع الإنسان من طاعة الله وحبه وتحصیل الآخرة

“Paragraph to explain the words of our Master Al-Majlisi, may God have mercy on him, about the true nature of the chastised world. The reviewer, expert, narrator and our incomparable Master Al-Majlisi, may God have mercy on him, says: “Know that from the totality of the verses and reports according to what we understand, it is clear that the chastised world represents the totality of what prevents man from obedience to God and love for Him and the pursuit of the world beyond.” [Al-Arba’ina Hadithan, page 153]

الاحتمال الثاني ما نقله المحدث الخبیر المرحوم المجلسي أعلى االله في القدس مقامه عن بعض الأعلام

“The second acceptance is in that, what was transmitted by the blessed expert Al-Majlisi, may God raise his rank in holiness, from some of the great scholars.”[Al-Arba’ina Hadithan, page 599]

بل يظھر من كلام العلماء وخاصة المرحوم المجلسي رضون االله تعالى علیه أن الإيمان بالتفويض في الخلق والرزق والتربیة والإماتة والأحیاء إلى غیر الحق سبحانه، كفر صريح ولا يستريب عاقل في كفر مَنْ قال به

“Much more, from the words of those who know, and in particular from the blessed Al-Majlisi, may God be satisfied with him, it is evident that faith in the transference (Tafwid) of the creation, provision, education, bringing about death and life, in someone other than God is manifest disbelief and no reasonable person doubts the disbelief of the one who expressed it.” [Al-Arba’ina Hadithan, page 602]

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