The Qurʾān approves the term “Iʿānah” for people


Some Muslims are of the opinion that the Arabic term “Iʿānah” (إعانة), which means “help”, may only be asked from God and never from human beings, does this agree with the use of language of the Qurʾān?


In the 5th verse of chapter 1 “Al-Fātiḥah” it says:

إياك نعبد وإياك نستعين

“You we worship and from you we ask for help (Iʿānah).”

In 95 verse of the 18th chapter “Al-Kahf” it says:

قال ما مكني فيه ربي خير فأعينوني بقوة أجعل بينكم وبينهم ردما
“He said: “What my Lord has strengthened me in is better, so give me energetic help (Iʿānah). I will build a wall between you and them.”



The point is not how the term “Iʿānah” (إعانة) is to be understood, but that in the language use of the Qurʾān it is not only used for God.

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