Imam As-Sadiq about Tehran

Mufaddal Ibn Umar reported that Imam As-Sadiq (a.) said:“O Mufaddal, do you know where the place of Zawra’ is?” I said: “God and His proof are more knowing.” He said: “Know, O Mufaddal, that near Rai there is a black mountain at the foot of which a city will be built, called Tehran, and it is the place of Zawra’, whose mansions are like the mansions of paradise and whose women are like the women of paradise and know o Mufaddal, that they (their wives) wear the garments of the disbelievers and (their wives) adorn themselves with the ornaments of the powerful, and (their wives) ride on saddles and do not make themselves available for their husbands and embezzle the expenses of their husbands to themselves, whereupon they demand divorce from them and the men satisfy the men and the women satisfy the women and the men look like the women and the women look like the men, so if you want to keep your religion, do not live in this city and do not take it as your home, for it is the place of temptation (Fitnah), so escape from it to the top of the mountains and from one shelter to another shelter like the fox with its puppies!” [Majma’-un-Nurain by Al-Marandi, page 297]

قال العلامة المجلسي ره قال المفضل بن عمر قال لي جعفر بن محمد: يا مفضل اتدري اينما وقعت دار الزوراء قلت الله وحجته اعلم فقال اعلم يا مفضل ان في حوالي الري جبلا اسود تبني في ذيله بلدة تسمى طهران وهي دار الزوراء التي تكون قصورها كقصور الجنة ونسوانها كالحور العين واعلم يا مفضل انهن يتلبسن بلباس الكفار ويتزين بزي الجبابرة ويركبن السروج ولا يتمكن لازواجهن ولا تفي مكاسب الازواج لهن فيطلبن الطلاق منهم ويكتفي الرجال بالرجال والنساء بالنساء وتشبه الرجال بالنساء والنساء بالرجال فانك ان تريد حفظ دينك فلا تسكن في هذه البلدة ولا تتخذها مسكنا لانها محل الفتنة وفر منها الى قلة الجبال ومن الحجر الى الحجر كالثعلب باشباله

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