Al-Mufid believes that prophets oversleep prayers


What did the scholar Al-Mufid say about the oversleeping of the prophets (a.)?


Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Al-Mufid writes:

ولسنا ننكر بأن يغلب النوم الأنبياء عليهم السلام في أوقات الصلوات حتى تخرج فيقضوها بعد ذلك وليس عليهم في ذلك عيب ولا نقص لأنه ليس ينفك بشر من غلبة النوم ولأن النائم لا عيب عليه

“We do not reject the fact that sleep overpowers the prophets (s.) at the times of prayers until it (prayers) have expired, so that they make up for them afterwards, and therefore there is no reprimand or blame to be laid at their door, for a man cannot resist the overpowering of the sleep, and the sleeper is not guilty of anything.” [Risalatun Fi Adam Sahw An-Nabi, page 29]

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