Al-Amini about Kitab Sulaim


Did Al-Amini classify the reports of Kitab Sulaim as authentic (Sahih)?


Abd-ul-Husain Al-Amini writes:

“Abu Sadiq, Sulaim Ibn Qais, the great subsequent follower, says in his book: “Ali (a.) ascended to the pulpit during his military camp (in Siffin) while all the people were with him and also from those around and the emigrants and helpers. Thereupon he expressed the praise of Allah and His glory, and said: “O you people! I have been given more benefits than one could possibly grasp it.” [Al-Ghadir, Volume 1 Page 238 – 239]

قال أبو صادق سليم بن قيس التابعي الكبير في كتابه: صعد علي عليه السلام المنبر (في صفين) في عسكره وجميع الناس ومن بحضرته من النواحي والمهاجرين والأنصار ثم حمد الله وأثنا عليه ثم قال: معاشر الناس إن مناقبي أكثر من أن تحصى

“Abu Sadiq, Sulaim Ibn Qais Al-Hilali, died in the year 90, and he and his book serve as evidence to the communities as to what is to come. He reports the tradition of Ghadir Khumm in more than one place in his book, which is in our possession.”
[Al-Ghadir, Volume 1 Page 93]

أبو صادق سليم بن قيس الهلالي المتوفى ٩٠ وهو ممن يحتج به وبكتابه عند الفريقين كما يأتي روى حديث الغدير في غير موضع واحد من كتابه الموجود عندنا

“The Book of Sulaim is one of the famous and widespread principles of the early times and it is considered reliable (Mu’tamad) by those traditionalists of the communities.” [Al-Ghadir, Volume 1 Page 238]

كتاب سليم من الأصول المشهورة المتداولة في العصور القديمة المعتمد عليها عند المحدثي الفريقين

“We mentioned this summarization in order to show that the communities agree to consider the book as trustworthy (Mu’awwal) and this led us to narrate from it in this book of ours.” [Al-Ghadir, Volume 1 Page 239]

وإنما ذكرنا هذا الإجمال لتعلم أن التعويل على الكتاب مما تسالم عليه الفريقان وهو الذي حدانا إلى النقل عنه في كتابنا هذا

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