The religion of God is not encompassed by the imperfect intellects

Imam Zain-ul-Abidin (a.) said:“The religion of God, the powerful and the sublime, is not encompassed by imperfect intellects, false opinions or invalid analogies. It is acquired only through submission. Therefore, those who submitted themselves to us and those who followed us were guided, and those who acted in accordance with analogies and opinion threw themselves into ruin, and those who felt within themselves doubts about what we say or decide became disbelievers in Him Who sent down the seven repetitive (verses) and the meaningful Quran while they did not know it.” [Kamal-ud-Din, volume 1, page 352, hadith 9]

وبهذا الاسناد قال: قال على بن الحسين عليهما السلام: إن دين الله عزوجل لايصاب بالعقول الناقصة والآراء الباطلة والمقائيس الفاسدة، ولايصاب إلا بالتسليم، فمن سلم لنا سلم، ومن اقتدى بنا هدى، ومن كان يعمل بالقياس والرأي هلك، ومن وجد في نفسه شيئا ممانقوله أو نقضي به حرجا كفر بالذي أنزل السبع المثاني والقرآن العظيم وهو لا يعلم

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