Ar-Razi VS Ibn Taymiyyah. (Hand?)


Does the god of Ar-Razi not have a hand, while the god of Ibn Taymiyyah has a hand?


Fakhr-ud-Din Ar-Razi writes: “As for His sublime Word: “In your hand is the good.” – 3:26 – So know that by the hand is meant power.” [At-Tafsir-ul-Kabir / Mafatih-ul-Ghaib, Volume 8 Page 8]

قال فخر الدين الرازي: أما قوله تعالى: بيدك الخير فاعلم أن المراد من اليد هو القدرة

Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah writes: “We say that He has a hand and a hearing and we do not say that by the hand is meant power.” [Majmu’-ul-Fatawa, Volume 6, Page 355]

قال أحمد بن تيمية: فنقول إن له يدا وسمعا ولا نقول إن معنى اليد القدرة


Say: “Behold! my Lord has forbidden the shameful deeds, what is open and what is hidden from them; and also sin and the use of force without due authority; and also that ye associate with Allah those for whom He has sent down no authority, and that ye say of Allah that which ye know not.” [Al-A’raf 7:33]

قل إنما حرم ربي الفواحش ما ظهر منها وما بطن والإثم والبغي بغير الحق وأن تشركوا بالله ما لم ينزل به سلطانا وأن تقولوا على الله ما لا تعلمون

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