Number of the saved group

Sulaim Ibn Qais reported that Imam Ali (a.) said:“The one group out of the 73 groups is the one that is saved from the fire and all the temptations, errors and doubts. They are the true inhabitants of Paradise and they are 70,000 who enter Paradise without accounting.” [Kitab Sulaim of Al-Hilali, page 170]

عن سليم بن قيس عن الإمام علي عليه السلام قال: وتلك الفرقة الواحدة من الثلاث والسبعين فرقة هي الناجية من النار ومن جميع الفتن والضلالات والشبهات وهم من أهل الجنة حقا وهم سبعون ألفا يدخلون الجنة بغير حساب

Imam Al-Askari (a.) reported that a man said to his wife: “Go to Fatimah, the daughter of the Messenger (s.) and question her about me: “Am i one of your followers or am i not one of your followers?” She asked her, whereupon she said: “Tell him: If you obey what we commanded you and if you break with what we took you from, then you belong to our followers, but if that is not the case, then not!” She returned and told him about it, whereupon he said: “O woe is to me! who will stay away from sins and faults? Then i am eternally in the fire, for whoever is not one of her followers is eternally in the fire.” The woman turned back and told Fatimah (a.) what he said, whereupon Fatimah (a.) said: “Tell him: This is not so! Our followers are among the best inhabitants of Paradise. All our lovers and close associates of those who are near to us (Wilayah) and are enemies of our enemies and those who devote themselves to us with heart and tongue, although they do not belong to our followers if they do not obey our commands and prohibitions in the remaining parts, they are still in the paradise, but only after they have been cleansed of their sins through trials and misfortunes, or in the place of resurrection through the forms of its aggravation, or in the highest level of hell through its punishment, until we then save them from it through love for us and bring them into our presence. ” [Al-Burhan of Al-Bahrani, Volume 6 Page 422]

عن الإمام العسكري عليه السلام أن رجلا قال لامرأته: اذهبي إلى فاطمة بنت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله فاسأليها عني أني من شيعتكم أم ليس من شيعتكم؟ فسألتها فقالت: قولي له إن كنت تعمل بما أمرناك، وتنتهي عما زجرناك عنه، فأنت من شيعتنا وإلا فلا، فرجعت فأخبرته فقال: يا ويلي ومن ينفك من الذنوب والخطايا، فأنا إذا خالد في النار، فان من ليس من شيعتهم فهو خالد في النار فرجعت المرأة فقالت لفاطمة ما قال زوجها، فقالت فاطمة: قولي له ليس هكذا شيعتنا من خيار أهل الجنة وكل محبينا وموالي أوليائنا ومعادي أعداءنا والمسلم بقلبه ولسانه لنا ليسوا من شيعتنا إذا خالفوا أوامرنا ونواهينا في سائر الموبقات وهم مع ذلك في الجنة، ولكن بعد ما يطهرون من ذنوبهم بالبلايا والرزايا أو في عرصات القيامة بأنواع شدائدها أو في الطبق الاعلى من جهنم بعذابها إلى أن نستنقذهم بحبنا منها وننقلهم إلى حضرتنا

Ali Ibn Ibrahim Al-Qumi writes: “As for the verse: “Therefore, on that day.” So He said: “From among you.” By which he meant from among the followers (Shia): “Neither man nor hidden (Jinn) is questioned about his sin.” (55:39) He said: “By this is meant that he who submits himself to the Commander of the Believers (a. ) and renounced his enemies, May God curse them and declares that which is permitted by Him to be permissible and that which is forbidden by Him to be forbidden, after which he fell into sins from which he did not repent in this world (Dunya), is punished in the separated world (Barzakh), and comes out on the Day of Resurrection, bearing no sin about which he could be questioned on the Day of Judgment.” [Tafsir-ul-Qumi, Volume 2 Page 345]

قال علي بن إبراهيم القمي: وقوله فيومئذ لا يسئل عن ذنبه قال منكم يعني من الشيعة انس ولا جان قال: معناه انه من تولى أمير المؤمنين وتبرأ من أعدائه عليهم لعائن الله وأحل حلاله وحرم حرامه ثم دخل في الذنوب ولم يتب في الدنيا عذب لها في البرزخ ويخرج يوم القيامة وليس له ذنب يسئل عنه يوم القيامة

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