Al-Khusaibi about the heart where no one dwells except for God

Husain Ibn Hamdan Al-Khusaibi writes:

رُويَ أَنَّ الـلَّـهَ عَـزَّ وَجَـلَّ كَـلَّـمَ مُـوسَـى عَـلَـيْـهِ الـسَّـلَامُ مَـنْ ذَكَـرَنِـي فِـي سِـرِّه ذَكَـرْتُـهُ فِـي غَـيْـبِـي وَمَـنْ ذَكَـرَنِـي فِـي مَـلَإٍ مِـنْ خَـلْـقِـي ذَكَـرْتُـهُ فِـي مَـلَإِ مَـلائِـكَـتِـي وَمَـنْ شَـغَـلَـهُ ذِكْـرِي عَـنْ مَـسْـأَلَـتِـي أَعْـطَـيْـتُـهُ أَفْـضَـلَ مَـا سَـأَلَ سَـائِـلٌ وَمَـنْ دَنَـا مِـنِّـي شِـبْـرًا دَتَـوْتُ مِـنْـهُ ذِراعًـا وَمَـنْ دَنَـا مِـنِّـي ذِرَاعًـا دَنَـوْتُ مِـنْـهُ بَـاعًـا وَمَـنْ جَـاءَنِـي مَـاشِـيًا جِـئْـتُـهُ مُـهَـرْوِلًا وَأَنَـا جَـلِـيـسٌ لِـمَـنْ ذَكَـرَنِـي وَحَـيْـثُ مَا طَـلَـبَـنِـي عَـبْـدِي وَجَـدَنِـي وَمَـا وَسِـعَـتْـنِـي الْأَرْضُ والـسَّـمَاوَاتُ وَلَـكِـنْ وَسِـعَـنِـي قَـلْـبُ عَـبْـدِي الْـمُـؤْمِـنِ لِأَنَّ قَـلْـبَ عَـبْـدِي الْـمُـؤْمِـنِ حَـرَمِـي وَحَـرَامٌ عَـلَـى حَـرَمِـي أَنْ يَـسْـكُـنَ فِـيهِ غَـيْـرِي
“It has been narrated that God said to Moses: “He who remembered Me in secret, I will remember him in secret. Whoever remembered Me in a group of My creatures, I will remember him in a group of My angels. Whoever thought of Me in such a way that he did not come to ask Me, to him I will give better than that which a questioner asks. Whoever approached Me by a hand span, I approached him by a cubit. He who approached Me by one yard, I approached him by one arm span. He who came running to Me, I came running to him. To him who remembered Me, I will keep him company. Whenever My servant searched for Me, He found Me. The heavens and the earth do not contain Me. But the heart of My faithful servant contains Me. For the Heart of My faithful servant is My Sanctuary and My Sanctuary is not allowed to have anyone dwell in it but Me.” [Al-Ma’idah, page 285]

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