Al-Bahrani about weak narrations


According to Yusuf Al-Bahrani, is a weak tradition to be rejected?


Yusuf Ibn Ahmad Al-Bahrani writes:

أما الرد بضعف السند فليس بمسموع عندنا ولا عند المتقدمين
“As for the rejection due to a weakening of the chain of transmission, neither we nor the early scholars listen to it.” [Al-Hada’iq-un-Nadirah, Volume 22, Page 511]

والواجب إما الأخذ بهذه الأخبار كما هو عليه متقدمو علمائنا الأبرار أو تحصيل دين غير هذا الدين وشريعة غير هذه الشريعة
“It is obligatory either to accept the reports as our pious scholars accepted them, or to seek a religion other than this one and a legislation other than this one.” [Lu’lu’at-ul-Bahrain, page 45]

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