True and false dreams

Mufaddal ibn Umar reported that Imam As-Sadiq (a.) said: “Make a thought, O Mufaddal, about the dreams, how the matter has been established for them. So did its true (dreams) get mixed with its false. Now if all of them were true, then all people would be prophets, and if all of them were false, then there would be no benefit in them. Rather it would be a meaningless favor. Thus it would sometimes be true, whereupon people would derive benefit from them. Whether because of an advantage to which one is guided, or a disadvantage from which one is wary. Many times they are false so that one does not rely on them entirely.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar of Al-Majlisi, volume 3, page 85, hadith 1]
روى حضرة مفضّل بن عمر الجعفي رضوان الله عليه عن مولانا الصّادق منه السّلام أنّه قال: فكّر يا مفضّل في الاحلام كيف دبّر الامر فيها فمزج صادقها بكاذبها فإنّها لو كانت كلّها تصدق لكان النّاس كلّهم أنبياء، ولو كانت كلّها تكذب لم يكن فيها منفعة بل كانت فضلًا لا معنى له فصارت تصدق أحيانًا فينتفع بها النّاس في مصلحةٍ يهتدي لها، أو مضرّةٍ يتحذّر منها وتكذب كثيرا لئلّا يعتمد عليها كلّ الاعتماد

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