At-Tusi on the murder of Fatimah


Does the scholar At-Tusi confirm the murder of Fatimah (a.) by Umar?


Abu Ja’far At-Tusi writes: “Among the things that are denied is that they beat Fatimah (a.) and it is reported that they inflicted blows on her with whips. What is widespread among the followers of the people of the House (a.) and about which there is no disagreement is that Umar struck the womb of Fatimah (a.) until she suffered a miscarriage and the name of the lost child was Muhsin (a.) and the traditions about this are widespread among them and also their effort, to burn down the house over Fatimah (a.), when a group of people stayed with her, that refused to take the oath of allegiance and it is not for anyone to reject these traditions because wehave  already revealed the reports from the sources of the general public (Sunnis) through the way of Al-Baladhuri and others besides him and the traditions from the followers (Shia) of the people of the House (a.) are numerous about it, whereupon they are not contradictory.” [Talkhis-ush-Shafi, page 156]

قال أبو جعفر الطوسي رضي الله عنه: ومما أنكر عليه ضربهم لفاطمة عليها السلام وقد روي أنهم ضربوها بالسياط والمشهور الذي لا خلاف فيه بين الشيعة أن عمر ضرب على بطنها حتى أسقطت فسمي السقط محسنا والرواية بذلك مشهورة عندهم وما أرادوا من إحراق البيت عليها حين النجأ إليها قوم وأمتنعوا من بيعته وليس لأحد أن ينكر الرواية بذلك لأنا قد بينا الرواية الواردة من جهة العامة من طريق البلاذري وغيره ورواية الشيعة مستفيضة به لا يختلفون في ذلك

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