Al-Khamina’i on the attack by Umar on the house of Fatimah.


Some supporters of the Iranian Republic doubt that Umar attacked the house of Fatimah (a.), did this event take place according to their own leader?


Ali Al-Khamina’i writes: “Was not Umar present on the day of Ghadir? Did he not know the rank of the people of the House (a.)? Did he not know the rank of Fatimah (a.)? How does he take it upon himself to stand at the door of Ali (a.) and shout: “By Him in Whose hand is the soul of Umar, either they come out or I burn the house down to all that is inside!” Umar was told: “Fatimah, the daughter of the Messenger (s.), is in the house!” Ruthlessly, he replied: “Then let Fatimah be in it!” Umar kicked the door with his foot, whereupon it broke and he entered. Fatimah (a.) called out to the Messenger (s.) for help in a loud voice: “O father, O Messenger of God!”Ali (a.) became very angry and put his hand on the hilt of his sword to teach them a lesson, but then he removed his hand from his sword and slowly calmed down. He whispered to the spirit of the Messenger (s.): “O son of my mother, the people weakened me and almost killed me.” (7:150) After that, he looked at Fatimah (a.) and said: “If forty people gather together, then strive against them!” So it is only our right to ask these people: “What reasons caused you to turn away from the truth?” [Al-Khawa’is, pp. 58 – 59]

قال علي الخامنئي: ألم يكن عمر حاضرا في يوم الغدير ألم يكن يعلم منزلة أهل البيت صلوات الله عليهم ألم يعلم منزلة فاطمة سلام الله عليها؟ فكيف يسمح لنفسه أن يقف بباب دار علي صلى الله عليه وينادي والذي نفس عمر بيده ليخرجن أو لأحرقنه على ما فيه فقيل لعمر إن في الدار فاطمة بنت رسول الله عليه وآله الصلاة والسلام فرد عمر وبدون تحرج وليكن فيها فاطمة فضرب عمر الباب برجله فكسره ثم دخل فارتفع صوت الزهراء صلى الله عليها مستغيثة برسول الله عليه وآله الصلاة والسلام يا أبه يا رسول الله فغضب صلى الله عليه غضبا شديدا ووضع يده على مقبض سيفه ليلقنهم درسا ثم رفع يده عن سيفه وعاد الهدوء إليه رويدا رويدا وأخذ يناجي روح رسول الله عليه وآله الصلاة والسلام ويقول يا ابن أم إن القوم استضعفني وكادوا يقتلونني ثم نظر إلى فاطمة صلى الله عليها وقال إن اتموا أربعين فجاهدهم إذن من حقنا أن نسأل هؤلاء ما هي الأسباب التي جعلتكم تعرضون عن الحق؟

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