Shi’ites seek refuge from the evil of the penis?

Shi’ites are supposedly in agreement that they would seek refuge in Sura 113 from the evil of the male primary sexual characteristic. The Christians, however, seem to be the only ones here who are fantasizing about such agreement. Had they read up what is written in place of the dots and brackets, they would have been spared this embarrassment
Sultan Muhammad Al-Janabidhi writes:

ومن شر غاسق إذا وقب الغاسق الليل إذا غاب الشفق والقمر وكل هاجم بضرره والمعنى أعوذ من شر الليل إذا دخل لأن كل ذي شر في الأغلب يظهر شره في الليل أكثر من النهار أو من شر كل ما يهجم بشره وقيل: المعنى من شر الثريا إذا سقطت لكثرة الأسقام عند سقوطها وقيل: المعنى من شر الذكر إذا قام

“From the evil of darkness when it falls: Darkness is the night when the dusk and the moon disappear and every aggressor with his harm and the meaning is: “I seek refuge from the evil of the night when it falls.” (113:3) For any evil mostly occurs in the night. Its evil in the night is more numerous than in the daytime. Or from the evil of anything that attacks with its evil and one says: “The meaning is: From the evil of the Pleiades when they descend.” Because of the frequency of diseases when they descend and one says: “The meaning is: From the evil of the penis when it is erect.” [Bayan-us-Sa’adah, Vol. 4, page 286.]

Al-Janabidhi does not say that it means the male primary sexual characteristic, but the night. So it is a lie against him. Yes, he says “one says” several times after that, but that is called hearing and telling and not exegesis, let alone an agreement between Sunnis and Shiites.

Prophet Muhammad (s.) said:

إنما أتخوف على أمتي بعدي ثلاث خصال أن يتأولوا القرآن على غير تأويله أو يتبعوا زلة العالم أو يظهر فيهم المال حتى يطغوا ويبطروا وسأنبئكم المخرج من ذلك أما القرآن فاعملوا بمحكمه وآمنوا بمتشابه وأما العالم فانتظروا فيئته ولا تتبعوا زلته وأما المال فإن المخرج منه شكر النعمة وأداء حقه

“I only fear about three traits from my nation after me: That they will not give the Qur’an its interpretation, or that they will follow the mistake of a scholar, or that the fortune will come up between them until they transgress and become arrogant, and I will inform you about the way out of it. As for the Qur’an, follow its unambiguity and believe in its ambiguity, as for the scholar, expect that he will retract and do not follow his mistake, and as for the fortune, the way out of it is to give thanks for the gift and to fulfill its privilege.” [Al-Burhan of Al-Bahrani, Volume 1, Page 46, Hadith 5]

إن فيكم من يقاتل على تأويل القرآن كما قاتلت على تنزيله وهو علي بن أبي طالب

“Among you is the one who fights for the interpretation of the Qur’an as I fought for its revelation and this one is Ali Ibn Abi Talib.” [Al-Burhan of Al-Bahrani, Volume 1, Page 42, Hadith 18]
Imam Ali (a.) said:

الغاسق إذا وقب هو الليل إذا أدبر

“The darkness, when it falls, (113:3) is the night, when it turns its back.” (74:33) [Al-Burhan of Al-Bahrani, Volume 8, Page 438, Hadith 7]


The saved group is the one that follows Ali (a.) after the Prophet (s.) and not the hearsay or mistakes of unauthorized exegetes [Here!] If you want to read something biblical about primary sexual characteristics, you can go back to Ezekiel, chapter 23, verse 20, and read there.

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