Knowledge without beginning?

Abdullah ibn Talhah reported that he said to Imam As-Sadiq (a.):“O son of the Messenger of God, tell me about the knowledge that you narrate on to us. Is it from the scriptures that you carry with you or from a narration that some of you tell the others or in what state is the knowledge with you?” He said: “O Abdullah, the matter is greater and mightier than this. Do you not read the scripture of God?” I said: “Yes, I do.” He said: “Do you not read the verse: “Thus did We reveal to you a spirit from Our command. You knew neither what is the Scripture nor what is faith.” (42:52) Do you see that he was in a state where he did not know what is the scripture nor what is the faith?” I said: “That is exactly how we read it.” He said: “Yes, he was in a state in which he did not know what the scripture is nor what the faith is until God sent that spirit whereby He taught him the knowledge and understanding and that is exactly how that spirit proceeds when God sends it to a servant whereby He teaches him the knowledge and understanding.” [Basa’ir-ud-Darajat of As-Saffar, page 501, Hadith 1]

حدثنا أحمد بن محمد عن أبيه محمد بن عيسى عن عبد الله بن طلحة قال: قلت: لابي عبدالله عليه السلام: أخبرني يابن رسول الله عن العلم الذي تحدثونا به، أمن صحف عندكم، أم من رواية يرويها بعضكم عن بعض، أو كيف حال العلم عندكم قال: يا عبد الله الامر أعظم من ذلك وأجل، أما تقرأ كتاب الله قلت: بلى، قال: أما تقرأ: وكذلك أوحينا إليك روحا من أمرنا ما كنت تدري ما الكتاب ولا الايمان أفترون أنه كان في حال لا يدري ما الكتاب ولا الايمان قال: قلت هكذا نقرؤها، قال: نعم قد كان في حال لا يدري ما الكتاب ولا الايمان حتى بعث الله تلك الروح فعلمه بها العلم والفهم، وكذلك تجري تلك الروح، إذا بعثها الله إلى عبد علمه بها العلم والفهم

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