Pledge of allegiance to Mu’awiyah?

1st Question:

A follower of the illegitimate Imams made the claim that Imam Al-Hasan (a.) gave his command to Mu’awiyah and then said to the people of Kufa: “You killed my father, stole from my family, and stabbed me. I really gave my oath of allegiance to Mu’awiyah, obey and follow him.” Upon this, the person commented that these were reports that had reached the lovers of the Ahl-ul-Bait (a.) and gave the following sources: Kashf-ul-Ghummah, page 540; Al-Irshad, page 190, Fusul-ul-Muhimmah, page 162; Muruj-udh-Dhahab, Volume 1 page 431. Is this in accordance with the facts or is this a deception?


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