As-Saduq about changing the direction of prayer to Karbala.

Muhammad Mahdi An-Najafi writes:

وقال الصادق عليه السلام: كأني أنظر إلى القائم عليه السلام على منبر الكوفة وحوله أصحابه ثلاثمائة وثلاثة عشر رجلا عدة أهل بدر وهم أصحاب الألوية وهم حكام الله في أرضه على خلقه حتى يستخرج من نقبائه كتابا مختوما بخاتم من ذهب عهد معهود من رسول الله فيجفلون عنه إجفال الغنم فلا يبقى منهم إلا الوزير وأحد عشر نقيبا كما بقوا مع موسى بن عمران عليه السلام فيجولون في الأرض فلن يجدوا عنه مذهبا فيرجعون إليه والله إني أعرف الكلام الذي يقوله لهم فيكفرون به قال الصدوق قدس سره بعد هذا الحديث: توضيح أجفل القوم إجفالا هربوا مسرعين ثم قال: أقول: لا تعجب من أن يكون أصحاب القائم عليه السلام من المرتدين بالكلام الذي يقوله القائم عليه السلام لأصحابه فقد ارتد أصحاب رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآله بالكلام الذي ذكره يوم الغدير لأصحابه قال جعفر بن محمد عليه السلام: ارتد الناس بعد النبي إلا أربعة ثم قال: لعل المراد بالكلام الذي يذكره القائم عليه السلام لأصحابه هو جعله كربلاء قبلة للناس

“As-Sadiq (a.) said: ﴾It is as if I see the Riser (Qa’im) on the pulpit of Kufah while around him are his companions. Three hundred and thirteen people in the number of the people of Badr and they are the people of the flags and they are the judges of God on His earth over His creation. Until he brings out from his leaders a letter sealed with a seal of gold. An imposed oath from the messenger of God (s.). So they will be frightened from him like the cattle. There remains none of them except for the support and the eleven guides as they remained with Moses, the son of Amram (a.). So they wander around on the earth. There they find no other path except for him. So they return to him. By God, I know the statement he addresses to them, whereupon they disbelieve in him.﴿ As-Saduq, may he rest in peace, said after this saying: ﴾Explanation: The people were frightened away with a fright: They fled quickly.﴿ Then he said: ﴾I say: Do not be surprised that the companions of the Riser (Qa’im) become apostates by the statement which the Riser addresses to them, because the companions of the Messenger of God (s.) became apostate by the statement which he addressed to his companions on the day of Ghadir. Ja’far ibn Muhammad (a.) said: “People became apostates after the Prophet (s.) except for four.”﴿ Then he said: ﴾Possibly the statement addressed by the Riser (Qa’im) to his companions means his fixing Karbala as the direction of prayer for the people.﴿” [Bayan-ul-A’immah, Volume 3, page 181 – 182]

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