Al-Amili on the prohibition, of causing suffering to one’s partner

Muhammad Al-Hurr Al-Amili writes:

أنه يحرم على كل من الزوجين ان يؤذى الاخر بغير حق

Chapter: It is forbidden (Haram) for either of the two partners to wrongfully harm the other

٢٥٣١٥ ١ – محمد بن علي بن الحسين في عقاب الأعمال بسند تقدم في عيادة المريض عن النبي صلى الله عليه وآله قالمن كان له امرأة تؤذيه لم يقبل الله صلاتها ولا حسنة من عملها حتى تعينه وترضيه وإن صامت الدهر وقامت وأعتقت الرقاب وأنفقت الأموال في سبيل الله وكانت أول من ترد النار ثم قالقال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وآلهوعلى الرجل مثل ذلك الوزر والعذاب إذا كان لها مؤذيا ظالما ومن صبر على سوء خلق امرأته واحتسبه أعطاه الله بكل مرة يصبر عليها من الثواب مثل ما أعطى أيوب على بلائه وكان عليها من الوزر في كل يوم وليلة مثل رمل عالج فإن مات قبل أن تعقبه وقبل أن يرضى عنها حشرت يوم القيامة منكوسة مع المنافقين في الدرك الأسفل من النار، ومن كانت له امرأة ولم توافقه ولم تصبر على ما رزقه الله وشقت عليه وحملته ما لم يقدر عليه لم يقبل الله لها حسنة تتقى بها النار وغضب الله عليها ما دامت كذلك أقولوتقدم ما يدل على ذلك ويأتي ما يدل عليه

1/25315 – Muhammad Ibn Ali Ibn Husain reported in Iqab-ul-A’mal with a chain, which preceded, about visiting the sick, that Prophet Muhammad (s.) said: “Whoever has a wife, who causes him suffering, God will not accept from her any prayer nor any good from her deeds, until she delivers him and satisfies him, even if she fasts all her life, stands in prayer, frees slaves and spends the possessions in the way of God and she will be the foremost to enter the Fire.” Then he said: The Messenger of God (s.) said: “And for the man there is the same burden and punishment if he causes her harm, does wrong and whoever endured the bad nature of his wife and hoped for a reward for it, God granted him the same reward, for each time he endures her, as He granted Ayyub (a.) for his test and she carries for each day and night the burdens like the sand that cannot be overlooked. If he dies, before she follows him and before she satisfies him, then on the day of resurrection she will be gathered upside down with the hypocrites at the lowest bottom of the fire and whoever has a wife, who does not submit to him, does not bear what God sustains him with, oppresses him and burdens him with what he is not capable of, from her God does not accept anything good, by which she guards herself from the fire and God is angry with her as long as she remains like that.” I (Hurr) say: “It has preceded, that which points to it and it will follow, that which points to it.” [Wasa’il-ush-Shi’ah, Volume 20, Page 163 – 164]

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