Al-Amili about cursing

Muhammad Al-Hurr Al-Amili writes:

أَلَا تَـرَى أَنَّـهُـمْ عَـلَـيْـهِـمُ الـسَّـلَامُ كَـثِـيـرًا مَـا كَـانُـوا يَـعْـمَـلُـونَ بِـالـتَّـقِـيَّـةِ فِـي جُـزْئِـيَـاتٍ يَـسِـيـرَةٍ مِـنَ الْـمُـسْـتَـحَـبَّـاتِ وَالْـمَـكُـروهَـاتِ وَيَـتْـرُكُـونَ الـتَّـقِـيَّـةَ فِـي الْـكُـلِّـيَّـاتِ كَـذَمِّ أَئِـمَّـةِ الـضَّـلَالِ وَلَـعْـنِـهِـمْ

,,Do you not see, that they (a.) made use of cautiousness (taqiyyah) extensively, when it came to simple trifles in the desirable and frowned upon matters and they neglected the cautiousness, when it came to the entireties such as condemning the misguiding leaders and cursing them.” [Al-Fawa’id At-Tusiyyah, page 468]

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