Ultimate refutation against the authority of the scholar (Wilayat Faqih)

Imamah can be translated as “leadership”, it comes from the verb amma which means “to lead the way, lead by one’s example”. However, in our theology, Imamah means specifically the leadership of the Ummah. Every single islamic sect believes in Imamah, although they do not agree on its specifics. For example: sunnis believe in Imamah even though they disagree with us – twelvers – in regards of infallibility or divine designation. They believe it is necessary for the Imâm/Caliph to be from Quraysh, however, ibadis disagree and say that, rather, the Imām can be from any tribe. Thus, it is evident that every single islamic sect believes someway in the concept of Imamah, which merely means “obligatory obedience”. Continue reading