Zain-ul-Abidin hurts himself

Al-Mirza An-Nuri At-Tabrasi writes:,,In some collected works of the later ones, it is reported verbatim from Ali, the son of Husain (a.), that one day they put something to eat and drink in front of him, whereupon he thought of the hunger and thirst of his father Husain (a.) on the day of the event of Karbala and tears came over him. He wept profusely so that his clothes tore due to the strength of weeping and grief and sorrow for his father Husain (a.). Then he ordered the food to be taken away in front of him while there was a Nazarene man in his presence who entered and gave him the greeting of peace. The Nazarene man said: ,,O son of the Messenger of God, stretch out your hand, for I testify that there is no God but God and I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of God and Ali is the Commander of the believers and close to God and His proof to His creation and that you, O my Lord, are the proof of God to His creation and that the truth is in you, with you and in your direction!” Ali Zain-ul-Abidin (a.) said: ,,What was it, that gave you no peace and turned you away from your faith and your way and the disposition of your fathers and congregation of your companions?” The Nazarene said: ,,O my Lord, because of a vision that I saw in my sleep.” Ali Zain-ul-Abidin (a.) said to him: ,,What was it that you saw, O brother of the Nazarenes?” He said: ,,O my Lord, I saw myself as if I had left my house with the intention of visiting some brothers and sisters and while I was doing so, I lost my way. My thoughts became confused and my senses were lost and the paths closed in my face so that I did not know which way to turn. So while I was in a confusion about my cause and remained like that, I heard wailing and shouting behind me and the proclamation that (God) is greater and there is no God but Him and loud voices raised. I looked behind where there were horses, soldiers and hoisted banners and heads widely spread on spearheads. Behind the horses and soldiers were lean camels on which were abducted women, tightly bound children and transported household furnishings. Among these women and children was a young lad sitting on a stout camel, highly damaged and weakened. His head and hands were in chains with a compound of iron up to his neck and blood was flowing from his thighs. His tears flowed down his cheeks and it seemed as if it was you, O my Lord, O Ali, son of Husain! Every one of those women and children slapped their faces and cheeks and cried out in the loudest voice and they said: ,,O Muhammad, O Ali, O Fatimah, O Hasan, O Husain, O murdered one, O slaughtered one, O stranger, O loss, O sorrow!” At this, I was overcome with tears and my heart softened. My eyes cried because of the situation of these women and my lostness was forgotten because of them. I wept because of their weeping and went along with their walk. So, while they were walking, a white dome appeared to them from the middle of the wasteland as if it were a shining sun and in front of the caravans were three of the women. When they saw the white dome, they fell from their camel humps to the ground and threw dust on their heads and slapped their cheeks while saying: ,,O Hasan, O Husain, what a loss, what a lack of helpers!” Thereupon, a man with little beard and blue eyes came upon them and beat them and put them back on with force. I saw, O my lord and commander, one of them, whom I considered the eldest and from under her veil, because of her intense grief and mourning, blood was dripping out over that in which she had fallen. In front of the heads, O my Lord, there was a head that had a light that shone and overcame the rays of the sun and the moon. When they approached this white dome, the man carrying the holy head stopped and they rebuked him and his companions. They beat him and took the holy head away from him and said to him: ,,O rejected man, you were incapable of carrying it.” He said: ,,I saw no man to assist me in my walk.” They beat him and took away his head and gave it to another man who stood just so. So they handed him over one by one until 30 men carried him and God knows best, O my Lord! Each of them found no one to assist him in walking, whereupon the commander of the group was informed of this and dismounted from his horse. The group remained exactly like that and they dismounted. They pitched a tent for him, which was thirty cubits wide and the commander of the group and the rest around him took seats in the middle of the tent. They brought in the women and children and pushed them down on the face of the earth without cradles or sleeping places, while the sun threw its heat on them and the wind scorched their faces. They deliberately placed the spears on which the heads were impaled in front of the women and children so that their will and endurance would be broken, dwelling therein with burning hearts and tearing livers.” The Nazarene said: ,,O my Lord and Commander, I grieved bitterly because of this and I slapped my face and ripped my rags. When it had made me sorrowful and sad, I sat down near the women and children, while I was grieved in my heart and tearful with my eyes. When the spear, on which the noble head stood, had turned away from what was leaning towards the white dome, he spoke with a clear tongue: ,,O father, O commander of the faithful, to you be expressed condolences for what befell me and befell us in murder and slaughter! O Father, they murdered me, by God, thirsty, strange, lonely and slaughtered like a slaughtered goat! O Father, O Commander of the faithful, they trampled my body with the hooves of horses! O Father, they slaughtered my children and insulted my family and did not have mercy on my condition!” I heard the holy head likewise testifying to the oneness of God and reading verses from the Qur’an, whereupon my grief increased and I said to myself: ,,The owner of this holy head has prestige and is of tremendous importance with God.” Therefore, my heart turned to love and devotion to him and while I was pondering within myself and faced with the choice between disbelief and Islam, the shouting among the women was already getting louder. They stood up on their feet and raised their gazes from what was leaning towards the white dome and I also stood up on my feet and raised my gaze and the women came out from that dome. In front of those women was a well shaped young girl and in her hands was a robe soaked in blood, with her hair loose and her bag torn.She stumbled over her attachment and slapped her cheek and with a shaken heart and filled with sadness, she cried out for help to the prophets and her father, the Messenger of God (s.) and the Commander of the Faithful. She cried out and shouted in her loudest voice: ,,O father, O fruit of my heart, O beloved of my heart, O slain, O murdered, O stranger, O Abbas, O thirsty one!” O my Lord, when this young girl approached the heads and children, she fainted for a long while. After that, she came to herself from her fainting and pointed her eyes to the holy head. Thereupon, with the help of the power of God, the spearhead on which the holy head was, rotated and fell into the young girl’s lap. She took it and pressed it to her breast. She released him and kissed him, saying: ,,O my son, they murdered you as if they had no mercy on you and as if they did not know who is your grandfather and who is your father. O woe to them and to those who denied you water and turned you back on your forehead and slaughtered you from your neck! O my son, O Husain, who is it that separated your head from your neck? Who is it that broke and crushed your chest and shattered your protection? Who is it, O Abu Abdillah, who captured your kinsmen and plundered your property? Who is it that slaughtered you and your children? So what is due to them by God and regarding the end of you, the integrity of the Messenger?” The narrator said: ,,When Ali, the son of Husain (a.), heard about the head falling into the lap of the shapely young girl, he stood up in full length and hit his forehead on the wall of the house, whereupon his nose broke and his head was wounded so that his blood flowed over his chest and he fainted due to the intense grief and weeping.” [Dar-us-Salam, volume 2 page 197 – 200]

قال الميرزا ​​النوري الطبرسي رحمه الله: في بعض المجاميع للمتأخرين ما لفظه روي عن علي بن الحسين عليه السلام أنه ذات يوم من الأيام وضع بين يديه شيء من الطعام والشراب, فذكر جوع أبيه الحسين عليه السلام وعطشه يوم طف كربلاء فخنقته العبرة وبكى بكاء شديدا حتى بلت أثوابه من شدة البكاء والحزن والوجد الغرام على أبيه الحسين عليه السلام, ثم أمر برفع الطعام من بين يديه, وإذا هو برجل نصراني فدخل وسلم عليه فقال النصراني, يابن رسول الله مد يدك فإني أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأشهد أن محمدا رسول الله وأن عليا أمير المؤمنين ولي الله وحجته على خلقه: وإنك ياموالاي حجة الله على خلقه, وأن الحق فيكم ومعكم و إليكم فقال علي بن الحسين عليه السلام: وما الذي أزعجك وأخرجك عن دينك ومذهبك وفطرة أبائك وملة أصحابك? فقال: يا سيدي ومولاي لرؤيا رأيتها في منامي فقال له علي بن الحسين: وما الذي رأيته يا أخا النصارى قال: رأيت ياسيدي كأني خرجت من بيتي قاصدا لزيارة بعض الأخوان, وإذا بي قد تهت عن طريقي فحار فكري وضاع ذهني وانسدت الطرق في وجهي, ولم أدر أين أتوجه فبينما أنا في حيرة من أمري وإذا بي اسمع من خلفي زعقات وصرخات, وتكبير وتهليل وأصوات عالية قد ارتفعت, فالتفت إلى ورائي وإذا بخيل وعسكر واعلام منشورة, ورؤوس على رؤوس الرماح مشهورة, ومن وراءالخيل والعسكر عجاف من الجمال عليها نساء مسلبات وأطفال موثوقات, وأثاث بيوت محملات, وبين تلك النساء والأطفال غلام شاب راكب على جمل أضلع وهو في غاية الضر والعناء, ورأسه ويداه مغلولتان إلى عنقه بجامعة من حديد, وفخذاه يشخبان دما, ودموعه تجري على خديه, وكأنه أنت ياسيدي ياعلي بن الحسين, وكل من تلك النساء والأطفال تلطم وجهها وخديها وتصيح بأعلى صوتها, وتقول: وامحمداه واعلياه وافاطمتاه وا حسناه واحسيناه وامقتولاه وامذبوحاه واغريباه واضيعتاه واكرباه فخنقتني العبرة ورق قلبي ودمعت عيناي لحال تلك النساء فأنست وحشتي بهم, وجعلت أبكي لبكائهم وأسير لمسيرهم, فبينماهم سائرون إذ لاحت لهم قبة بيضاء من صدر البرية كأنها شمسس مضيئة وكان أمام القفل ثلاثة من النساء, فلما رأين القبة البيضاء وقعن من ظهور الجمل إلى الأرض, فحثين التراب على رؤوسهن ولطمن على خدودهن وقلن: واحسناه واحسيناه واضيعتاه واقلة ناصراه فلحق بهن رجل كوسج اللحية أزرق العينين وضربهن وركبهن كرها, فرأيت ياسيدي ومولاي واحدة منهن وأظنها أكبر سنا يتقاطر الدم من تحت قناعها من شدة وجدها وحزنها على ماهي فيه, وكان يا سيدي أمام الرؤوس رأس له نور يزهر يغلب على شعاع الشمس والقمر, ولما قربوا من تلك القبة البيضاء وقف الرجل الذي هو حامل الرأس الشريف فزجروه وأصحابه وضربوه وأخذوا الرأس الشريف منه, وقالوا له: يالكع الرجل, لقد عجزت عنه حمله, قال: ولكن لم أر رجلا يساعفني عن المسير فضربوه وأخذوا الرأس من عنده وناولوه رجلا آخر, فوقف كذلك فجعلوا يتناولونه واحد بعد واحد حتى نقله ثلاثون رجلا والله أعلم ياسيدي والكل منهم لم يجد رجلا تساعفه على المسير فأخبروا بذلك أمير القوم فنزل عن فرسه وباقي القوم نزلوا كذلك وضربوا له خيمة أزهى من ثلاثين ذراع, وجلس أمير القوم في وسط الخيمة والباقي من حوله, وأتوا بتلك النساء والأطفال ورموهم على وجه الأرض بغير مهاد ولافراش تصهرهم الشمس وتلفح وجوههم الريح, ونصبوا الرماح التي عليها الرؤوس أمام تلك النساء والأطفال عمدا وقصدا لكسر خواطرهم وزيادة لما هم فيه من حرقة قلوبهم وتفتت أكبادهم قال النصراني: يا سيدي ومولاي, فجزعت لذلك جزعا شديدا ولطمت على وجهي ومزقت أطماري لما شفني وشجاني, وجلست قريبا من النساء والأطفال وأنا حزين القلب باكي العين, وإذا بالرمح الذي عليه الرأس الشريف قد مال مما يلي القبة البيضاء ونطق بلسان طلق ذلق: يا أبتاه يا أمير المؤمنين يعز عليك ماأصابني وجرى علينا من القتل والذبح, يا أبتاه قتلوني والله عطشانا, ظمآنا غريبا, وحيدا ذبيحا كذبح الكبش, يا أبتاه ياأمير المؤمنين رضوا جسمي بسنابك الخيل, با ابتاه ذبحوا أطفالي وسبوا عيالي ولم يرحموا حالي, وسمعت أيضا الرأس الشريف يوحد الله ويتلوآيات من القرآن, فزاد على جزعي وقلت في نفسي: إن صاحب هذا الرأس الشريف لذو قدر عند الله وشأن عظيم, فمال قلبي إلى محبته والموالاة به, فبينما أنا أفكر في نفسي وأخيرها بني الكفر والإسلام وإذا بالنساء قد علا صراخهن وقمن على الأقدام وشخصن بأبصارهن مما يلي القبة البيضاء, فقمت على قدمي وشخصت بصري وإذا بنساء خرجن من تلك القبة, وأمام تلك النساء جارية حسناء, وفي يديها ثوب مصبوغ بالدم وشعرها منشور وجيبها ممزوق, وهي تعثر بأذيالها وتلطم خدها وتستغيث بالانبياء وبأبيها رسول الله وبأمير المؤمنين من قلب مفجوع وفؤاد بالحزن مشلوع, وهي تصرخ وتنادي بأعلى صوتها واولداه واثمرة فؤاداه, واحبيب قلباه, واذبيحاه واقتيلاه واغريباه واعباساه واعطشاناه ولما قربت ياسيدي ومولاي تلك الجارية من الرؤوس والأطفال, وقعت مغشية عليها ساعة طويلة, ثم أفاقت من غشوتها وأومت بعينها إلى الرأس الشريف, فانحنى ذلك الرمح الذي عليه الرأس الشريف بقدرة الله تعالى وسقط في حجر الجارية, فأخذته وضمته إلى صدرها واعتقته وقبلته, وقالت: يابني قتلوك كأنهم ماعوفوك وما عرفوا من جدك وأبوك يا ويلهم, ومن الماء منعوك, على وجهك قلبوك: ومن قفاك ذبحوك ياولدي ياحسين من الذي جز رأسك من قفاك ومن الذي هشم صدرك ورضه, وهد قواك, ومن الذي يا أبا عبدالله سبى عيالك ونهب أموالك ومن الذي ذبحك وذبح أطفالك فما أجرءهم على الله وعلى انتهاك حرمة رسول الله؟ قال الراوي: لما سمع علي بن الحسين سقوط الرأس في حجر الجارية الحسناء, قام على طوله ونطح جدار البيت بوجهه, فكسر أنفه وشج رأسه وسال دمه على صدره وخر مغشيا عليه من شدة الحزن والبكاء

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