Abraham bleeds for Al-Husain


Did God let the blood of Abraham (a.) flow in mourning for Al-Husain (a.)?


Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi writes: ,,It is narrated, that Abraham (a.) passed by the area of Karbala, sitting on a horse. So when it was stumbling with him, Abraham (a.) fell down and injured his head so that his blood flowed. He asked for forgiveness and said: ,,My God, is there anything that has been committed by me?” Therefore, Gabriel (a.) descended to him and said: ,,O Abraham, no sin was committed by you, but here they murder the grandson of the seal of the prophets and son of the seal of the authorized guardians and therefore your blood flowed in accordance with his blood.” Abraham (a.) said: ,,O Gabriel, who should be his murderer?” Gabriel (a.) said: ,,His murderer is the one, whom both the inhabitants of the heavens and the earth curse. The pen wrote his cursing on the tablet, without asking permission from his Lord and God revealed to the pen: ,,Praise is due to you because of this cursing!” Abraham (a.) raised his hands and cursed Yazid several times and his horse spoke with a clear tongue: ,,Amen!” Abraham (a.) said to his horse: ,,What have you experienced, so that you say Amen after my supplication?” The horse said: ,,O Abraham, I am proud to carry you on my back. When I stumbled and you fell down, my shame increased and the reason was Yazid, God curse him!” [Bihar-ul-Anwar, Volume 44 page 243 Hadith 39]

قال محمد باقر المجلسي: وروي أن إبراهيم عليه السلام مر في أرض كربلا وهو راكب فرسا فعثرت به وسقط إبراهيم وشج رأسه وسال دمه، فأخذ في الاستغفار وقال: إلهي أي شئ حدث مني؟ فنزل إليه جبرئيل وقال: يا إبراهيم ما حدث منك ذنب، ولكن هنا يقتل سبط خاتم الأنبياء، وابن خاتم الأوصياء، فسال دمك موافقة لدمه قال: يا جبرئيل ومن يكون قاتله؟ قال: لعين أهل السماوات والأرضين والقلم جرى على اللوح بلعنه بغير إذن ربه، فأوحى الله تعالى إلى القلم إنك استحققت الثناء بهذا اللعن فرفع إبراهيم عليه السلام يديه ولعن يزيد لعنا كثيرا وأمن فرسه بلسان فصيح فقال إبراهيم لفرسه: أي شئ عرفت حتى تؤمن على دعائي؟ فقال: يا إبراهيم أنا أفتخر بركوبك علي فلما عثرت وسقطت عن ظهري عظمت خجلتي وكان سبب ذلك من يزيد لعنه الله تعالى

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