As-Saduq about disagreement


According to As-Saduq, where do the different views of the believers come from?


Abu Ja’far As-Saduq writes: ,,I say – and upon God is the reliance – that the disagreement of the followers (shia) of the Imams (a.) is only from the liars, who from here and there and from time to time infiltrated among them, until the harm took to a great extent and their forefathers were people who turned to piety, diligence and confidence and they were not friends of consideration and discernment. So when they saw a covered man delivering a report, they assumed good about him and accepted it and when it increased and came to light, they complained to their Imams, whereupon the Imams (a.) ordered them to follow that which was agreed upon, but they did not carry it out and followed their own custom, therefore the betrayal is from them and not from their Imams and the Imam did not stop at every such mixture, that was being narrated, for he does not know the hidden, but he is only a righteous servant who is knowledgeable about the Book and the Sunnah and he knows, from the reports of his followers what is sent to him.” [Kamal-ud-Din, page 111]

قال أبو جعفر الصدوق: فأقول وبالله الثقة إن اختلاف الامامية إنما هو من قبل كذابين دلسوا أنفسهم فيهم في الوقت بعد الوقت والزمان بعد الزمان، حتى عظم البلاء وكان أسلافهم قوم يرجعون إلى ورع واجتهاد وسلامة ناحية ولم يكونوا أصحاب نظر وتميز فكانوا إذا رأوا رجلا مستورا يروي خبرا أحسنوا به الظن وقبلوه فلما كثر هذا وظهر شكوا إلى أئمتهم فأمرهم الأئمة عليهم السلام بأن يأخذوا بما يجمع عليه فلم يفعلوا وجروا على عادتهم فكانت الخيانة من قبلهم لا من قبل أئمتهم والامام أيضا لم يقف على كل هذه التخاليط التي رويت لأنه لا يعلم الغيب وإنما هو عبد صالح يعلم الكتاب والسنة ويعلم من أخبار شيعته ما ينهى إليه

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