Honoring the opponents?


Is it permissible to honor and praise the opponents of the people of the House (a.)?


Ibn Faddal reported that Imam Ar-Rida (a.) said: ,,Whoever associated himself with the one, who separated himself from us, or separated himself from the one, who associated himself with us, or praised the one, who criticized us, or honored the one, who disagreed with us, he does not belong to us, nor do we belong to him.” [Wasa’il-ush-Shi’ah of Al-Hurr Al-Amili, Volume 16 Page 265 Hadith 19]

وعن محمد بن الحسن، عن الصفار، عن محمد بن عيسى، عن ابن فضال قال: سمعت الرضا عليه السلام يقول: من واصل لنا قاطعا أو قطع لنا واصلا أو مدح لنا عائبا أو أكرم لنا مخالفا فليس منا ولسنا منه

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