Fadlullah about insulting


What does Mr. Fadlullah say about insulting Abu Bakr and Umar?


Muhammad Husain Fadlullah says: ,,I personally forbid the insulting of any companion, because God says about the companions: ,,Muhammad is the Messenger of God. And those, who are with him are harsh towards the disbelievers, but merciful towards each other. You see them bowing and prostrating in pursuit of the favor and pleasure of God.” (48:29) Even if we have a (different) opinion on the matter of leadership and successorship. However regarding the matter of insulting, I have already said that it is forbidden for every Muslim and I list it in every question, that comes to me, that the insulting of every companion is forbidden, which include the (unlawful) successors.” [Bayynat, 28 Safar 1429]

قال السيد محمد حسين فضل الله: أنا شخصيا أحرم سب أي صحابي لأن الله سبحانه وتعالى تحدث عن الصحابة بقوله تعالى محمد رسول الله والذين معه أشداء على الكفار رحماء بينهم تراهم ركعا سجدا يبتغون فضلا من الله ورضوانا [الفتح:29] وإن كان لنا رأي في مسألة الإمامة والخلافة أما في مسألة السب فقد قلت إن هذا يحرم على أي مسلم، وأنا أسجل هذا في كل استفتاء يأتيني بأنه يحرم سب أي صحابي بمن فيهم الخلفاء



We reject the opinion of Mr. Fadlullah and follow the traditions that allow the insulting of the people of innovation [here!], which undoubtedly include Abu Bakr and Umar and those, who are like them [here!] and we wonder what the two hypocrites, have to do with the verse he mentioned?

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