How the Imam of time treated a man, who insulted the companions

Muhammad Baqir Al-Majlisi writes:,,Sayyid Ali Ibn Hamid narrated in the book As-Sultan-ul-Mufarraj An Ahli l-Iman and said at the mention of those, who saw the Riser (Qa’im): Among them is the pious, worshiping and verifying scholar Shams-ud-Din Muhammad Ibn Qarun, may God protect him, who said: ,,The judge of Hillah was someone, who was called Marjan As-Saghir and so it came to his ears that this Abu Rajih was insulting the companions (Sahabah). So he had him brought in and ordered, that he be beaten up and he was given hard blows, that destroyed his whole body, until he was beaten in his face, so that his incisors fell out and they pulled out his tongue and pierced it with a thick needle of iron and they made a hole in his nose and put a net in it and tied up a rope in it and so they handed him over to a group of his companions and ordered them to go around with him to the end of Hillah and beat him up, so that he was hit on all sides, until after he fell to the ground and confronted his death.” Thereupon the news of this reached the judge and so he ordered that he be executed, but those who were present said: ,,He is an old man and has already received, what is due to him and he is already as good as dead. So leave him and he shall die naturally and do not stain yourself with his blood.” They expressed themselves so eloquently on this, that he caused his release and his face and tongue were swollen. So his people carried him away to die and no one doubted that he would die that night. Then, when morning had arrived, the people came early in the morning, while he was in prayer and in the best of health. His incisors, which had fallen out, had returned to their original state and his injuries had healed. No sign of them remained and the wound had disappeared from his face. The people were amazed at his condition and asked him about his matter, after which he said: ,,When I was facing death and had no tongue left to ask God through it, I begged him in my heart and implored my lord and master, the Imam of Time (a.), for help. When the night covered me, the house filled with light and my Lord passed his holy hand over my face and said to me: ,,Go out and go to your relatives, for God has provided salvation for you.” Thereupon I woke up as you see (me).” The scholar Shams-ud-Din Muhammad ibn Qarun reported, what was mentioned and said: ,,I swear by God, this Abu Rajih was very weak and frail and had yellowish complexion and disfigured face and short beard and I used to go to the bath house, where he always was and I used to see him always in this condition and with this appearance, but when I woke up and stayed among those, I saw him with his strength increased and his stature straightened and his beard longer and his face reddened and he was restored to such a condition, as if his age were twenty years and he remained so until death overtook him. Then when this news spread around, the judge asked for Abu Rajih and had him brought to him, whom he had seen in that state only yesterday, but now he was the opposite of what we had described and so he saw no sign of his injuries on him and that his incisors had returned and thus a tremendous fear went into the judge. He used to be sitting in the place of the Imam (a.) in Hillah while turning his back to the sacred direction of prayer. But after that, he started to sit in the direction of prayer and treat the people of Hillah with kindness again and look over their wrongdoer and be good to their benefactor. But this did not provide him with any benefit. Rather still, he remained alive only for a short time until he then died.” [Bihar-ul-Anwar, Volume 52, page 70 – 71]

قال محمد باقر المجلسي: روى السيد علي بن عبد الحميد في كتاب السلطان المفرج عن أهل الايمان عند ذكر من رأى القائم عليه السلام قال فمن ذلك ما اشتهر وذاع، وملا البقاع، وشهد بالعيان أبناء الزمان، وهو قصة أبو راجح الحمامي بالحلة وقد حكى ذلك جماعة من الاعيان الاماثل وأهل الصدق الافاضل. منهم الشيخ الزاهد العابد المحقق شمس الدين محمد بن قارون سلمه الله تعالى قال كان الحاكم بالحلة شخصا يدعى مرجان الصغير، فرفع إليه أن أبا راجح هذا يسب الصحابة، فأحضره وأمر بضربه فضرب ضربا شديدا مهلكا على جميع بدنه، حتى أنه ضرب على وجهه فسقطت ثناياه واخرج لسانه فجعل فيه مسلة من الحديد وخرق أنفه، ووضع فيه شركة من الشعر وشد فيها حبلا وسلمه إلى جماعة من أصحابه وأمرهم أن يدوروا به أزقة الحلة، والضرب يأخذ من جميع جوانبه، حتى سقط إلى الارض وعاين الهلاك. فاخبر الحاكم بذلك، فأمر بقتله، فقال الحاضرون: إنه شيخ كبير، وقد حصل له ما يكفيه، وهو ميت لما به فاتركه وهو يموت حتف أنفه، ولا تتقلد بدمه وبالغوا في ذلك حتى أمر بتخليته وقد انتفخ وجهه ولسانه، فنقله أهله في الموت ولم يشك أحد أنه يموت من ليلته. فلما كان من الغد غدا عليه الناس فإذا هو قائم يصلي على أتم حالة، وقد عادت ثناياه التي سقطت كما كانت، واندملت جراحاته، ولم يبق لها أثر والشجة قد زالت من وجهه. فعجب الناس من حاله وساءلوه عن أمره فقال: إني لما عاينت الموت، ولم يبق لي لسان أسأل الله تعالى به فكنت أسأله بقلبي واستغثت إلى سيدي و مولاي صاحب الزمان عليه السلام فلما جن علي الليل فإذا بالدار قد امتلات نورا و إذا بمولاي صاحب الزمان، قد أمر يده الشريفة على وجهي وقال لي: اخرج وكد على عيالك، فقد عافاك الله تعالى، فأصبحت كما ترون. وحكى الشيخ شمس الدين محمد بن قارون المذكور قال: واقسم بالله تعالى إن هذا أبو راجح كان ضعيفا جدا، ضعيف التركيب، أصفر اللون، شين الوجه مقرض اللحية، وكنت دائما أدخل الحمام الذي هو فيه وكنت دائما أراه على هذه الحالة وهذا الشكل فلما أصبحت كنت ممن دخل عليه، فرأيته وقد اشتدت قوته وانتصبت قامته، وطالت لحيته، واحمر وجهه، وعاد كأنه ابن عشرين سنة ولم يزل على ذلك حتى أدركته الوفاة. ولما شاع هذا الخبر وذاع طلبه الحاكم وأحضره عنده وقد كان رآه بالامس على تلك الحالة وهو الآن على ضدها كما وصفناه، ولم ير بجراحاته أثرا وثناياه قد عادت فداخل الحاكم في ذلك رعب عظيم، وكان يجلس في مقام الامام عليه السلام في الحلة، ويعطي ظهره القبلة الشريفة، فصار بعد ذلك يجلس ويستقبلها، وعاد يتلطف بأهل الحلة، ويتجاوز عن مسيئهم، ويحسن إلى محسنهم، ولم ينفعه ذلك بل لم يلبث في ذلك إلا قليلا حتى مات

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