Role model As-Sistani does not want non-Muslims in the mosque

Ali As-Sistani states:

الكافر وهو مَنْ لم‏ ينتحل ديناً أو انتحل ديناً غير الإسلام أو انتحل الإسلام وجحد ما يُعلم أنّه من الدين الإسلاميّ بحيث رجع جحده إلى إنكار الرسالة ولو في الجملة

,,Disbeliever is the one, who does not profess to any religion, or professes a religion other than Islam, or professes Islam, but denies something, which is known to be part of Islam, so that his denial is due to the denial of the message, even in its entirety.” [Kitab-ut-Taharah, number 408]

Ali As-Sistani is asked:

هل يجوز إدخال الكافر الكتابي وغير الكتابي إلى المسجد؟

,,Is it permissible to let a disbeliever of the people of the scripture or people of non-scripture enter the mosque?”

To which he replies:

لا يجوز إدخال الكافر غير الكتابي بل ولا الكتابي على الأحوط، نعم لا يجوز دخولهم المسجد الحرام ومسجد النبي مطلقاً

,,One must not let in an disbelieving from the people not belonging to any scripture. As a precaution, neither should the people of the scripture. Yes, they must not enter the Holy Mosque and the Mosque of the Prophet at all.” [Ahl-ul-Kitab, Number 5]

Ali As-Sistani is asked:

هل يجوز الذهاب إلى الكنيسة؟

,,Is it okay to go to church?”

To which he replies:

لا مانع منه ما لم يُخاف الضلال أو كان فيه ترويج للمسيحية

,,There is nothing in the way, as long as there is no fear of misguidance or promoting Christianity by doing so.” [Ahl-ul-Kitab, Number 6]


Jews, Nazarenes, and Zoroastrians are considered to be the people of the scriptures (kitabi).

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